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October Madness Winners

25 Oct

The winners of the first contest by Edible Reminiscence are:
1. Katy Castillo
Won: 2 tickets to the haunted house, Zombie Blood, 1 box of Jitterbeans, 1 box of Crackheads, Surprise Item: A box of BaconPop

2. Jessica Martinez
Won: 2 packs of Gamer Grub Flavors: Pizza, Peanut Butter and Jelly

Please send contact information to:


The Popcorn Patch

24 Oct

The Popcorn patch is a fairly new company that has been around since 2001. The company itself is located in Othello, WA. This company prides itself on freshness and the principles of homemade goodness.

They offer many varieties of flavored popcorn including, traditional Caramel Peanut and Apple Pie. Some of the other flavors include; Butter Rum, Bourbon Pecan, Honey Cashew, Cherry Jubilee, Orchard Peach, Golden Banana, Sweet Strawberry, Red Raspberry, Sweet Strawberry, Red Raspberry, Strawberry Banana, Mountain Huckleberry, Macadamia Crunch, Vanilla Hazelnut, Coconut Almond Pecan and more.

They gave us an opportunity to try two of their best selling popcorns. They are Bourbon Pecan and Mountain Huckleberry. These popcorns go for $5.99 and are made on demand to ensure freshness and flavor. This is what sets them apart from the rest. Continue reading

ThinkGeek – Timmy’s Tea Sampler

24 Oct

Thinkgeek sent Edible Reminiscence there Timmy Tea Sampler. This Thinkgeek exclusive showcase some flavors from Adagio teas. Timmy the Monkey himself choose four delicious teas. The flavors include Tea Earl Grey Hot, Timmy’s 1UP Jasmine Green, Zombie Blood Orange and Pirate Chai.

tea set

These are looseleaf teas, so you’ll need to brew them the old-fashioned way. The old fashioned way tastes so much better you’ll hate tea bags for life…according to Thinkgeek. Each container includes enough looselead teas to make about 10 cups.

Price: $17.99
Site: Direct Tea Link or

Now for the review. Continue reading


23 Oct

VerMints sent Edible Reminiscence samples of there all natural breath mints and pastilles. These mints and pastilles are made with organic and natural ingredients. This product is vegan friendly, packed with taste with no artificial flavoring or coloring. VerMints has six flavors.

Café Express

VerMints is a realatively new company that started out with one flavor PepperMint. Due to a growing fan base and interest in there product they introduced five additional flavors. What really sets them apart from other mints and pastilles is that there dedication to boasting pure taste and natural organic ingredients. Continue reading


22 Oct


J&D started with a customer request to make “spreadable bacon, namely mayonnaise.” After interested in this possible product sparked they went to work and developed something that they called Baconnaise. This will be our last product review of J&D products for now. Baconnaise is available in original and lite. We are reviewing the original flavor. Continue reading

Bacon Lip Balm

21 Oct

There are certainly a lot of bacon fanatics out there and because of this some very interesting bacon products have been made. In case you haven’t figured it out this is yet another review for J&D products that have been sent to Edible Reminiscence to be reviewed.

bacon lip balm

Both Samantha and I were very hesitant to try Bacon Lip Balm that was sent to us. Although it seems like a great idea to some the first thought that comes to mind is that you’re basically applying bacon grease to your lips. This will however do the trick in making sure that your lips are moisturized. Continue reading

Nuclear Energy Powder

21 Oct

HARCOs laboratories developed energy powder sticks. These powder sticks resemble pixi stix but only these are caffeinated. Flavors range from Plutonium Pear, Uranium Yellowcake, Barium Black Cherry, Strontium Strawberry, and Radium Raspberry Lemonade. Nuclear Energy Powder will keep you alert at work, at school, or in your fall out shelter. Just kidding about that last one….but you never know. 90mg of caffeine is packed into each energy stick.

We haven’t really seen anything quite like this before and thought the packaging was pretty neat. This was definitely an interesting product to review. But just as expected these little suckers do pack a punch or energy and some are extremely sour, while others are more pleasant.

HARCOs sent Edible Reminiscence samples of there products. So far we have reviewed Zombie Blood Pak, Vampire Blood Pak, Mana and Health Potions. This will be the last thing we will be reviewing from them. Overall this company does have some interesting products. All of which are caffeinated. We do have to admit some of them weren’t exactly are favorite. But nonetheless fun to try. We are sure some of you will find them interesting to try out. Now lets start the review for an in depth review of each of the five flavors that were sent to us to review.

Nuclear Energy Powder

All five flavors of Nuclear Energy Powder are available for $10.00. If you would like to try everything that has been reviewed by us you can buy the HARCOs Labs Enegry Pack for $30.00. In that pack you get the Nuclear Energy Powder, Zombie and Vampire Blood Pak and two mana and health potions. Continue reading

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