ThinkGeek – Timmy’s Tea Sampler

24 Oct

Thinkgeek sent Edible Reminiscence there Timmy Tea Sampler. This Thinkgeek exclusive showcase some flavors from Adagio teas. Timmy the Monkey himself choose four delicious teas. The flavors include Tea Earl Grey Hot, Timmy’s 1UP Jasmine Green, Zombie Blood Orange and Pirate Chai.

tea set

These are looseleaf teas, so you’ll need to brew them the old-fashioned way. The old fashioned way tastes so much better you’ll hate tea bags for life…according to Thinkgeek. Each container includes enough looselead teas to make about 10 cups.

Price: $17.99
Site: Direct Tea Link or

Now for the review.

Pirate Chai

Pirate Chai (spiced black tea guaranteed to fight off scurvy)
Smell:Before it’s even brewed you can smell the spices and pick up a scent of cinnamon. After it was brewed the taste was pretty subtle.
Taste:The overall flavor is warm and slightly spicy and not quite overpowering.

Tea Earl Grey Hot

Tea Earl Grey (black tea with bergamot, choice of the best Starfleet captain)
Smell:This one is a little milder smelling than the Chai. It gives off more of a mellow vibe.The loose leaves are all black.
Taste:The taste has a milder taste than the Chai. It’s like another version of it for people who aren’t a fan of the spices. Also it tastes just like how you would expect hot tea to taste like. It’s a little different from just regular tea. Overall pretty good.

Zombie Blood Orange

Zombie Blood Orange (caffeine-free herbal tea blend of blood orange and sour apple)
Smell:This one smells more on the orange sweet side.
Taste:This is an interesting blend of flavors. This one has more of a sweet flavor to it. We are picking up more the sour apple and a little hint of cinnamon.

Jasmine Tea

Timmy’s 1UP Jasmine Green (sweet and intoxicating like the feeling of having multiple lives)
Smell:Floral and lavender soothing.
Taste:This one is more on the mild side. It’s both sweet and resembles green tea. Tastes like flowers even though that might seem a strange way to describe it.

Overall:5 stars
These teas are a nice set for any tea drinker whether you are just starting out or not. It covers just about all the flavors as far was spicy to sweet and mild.

Site: Direct Tea Link or


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