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Tom’s Vinegar & Salt potato chips

25 Jul

This week I decided to review Tom’s Vinegar & Salt potato chips.

It is a known fact amongst my family and close friends that I LOVE anything vinegar! Earlier this year my step father to be bought me a case of these lovelies! All I have to say is WOW! To begin, the texture of these chips is like no other. They are thick and provide a crunch.

I have tried quite a few different brands salt & vinegar chips, but Tom’s seems to have much more flavor than most. By flavor I don’t mean the generic sour you get from most, but you can actually taste and smell the vinegar once the bag is opened. Beware though, one  will not be enough!

If you are looking for a good chip to have with your sandwich, or one to have on its own I would recommend Tom’s.

Also, If you have tried other salt & vinegar chips, and have decided that they are not for you, give these a try before you decide to turn your back on the variety as a whole.

Overall:  10 Stars!


Saucy Mama’s Raspberry Vinaigrette

11 Jul

I’m really beginning to see a pattern here… I have fallen in love with another wonderful Saucy Mama product.

Recently we had been sent a variety of Saucy Mama products. You’ve already seen my review of the Champagne Honey Mustard, and that I loved that product, so I was excited to try the Vinaigrette. If one product was delicious, I was sure everything would be. And I wasn’t wrong!

We’re not big salad eaters in my house, mostly because we have a hard time eating all the lettuce before it goes bad, so rather than use it in the typical way, I decided to toss some warm pasta in the dressing and serve it for dinner. This is something I do often with your standard Italian dressing, it’s a nice light warm meal for the hot summer days of South Texas, and Saucy Mama’s Raspberry Vinaigrette tasted wonderful on the pasta. My husband scarfed his entire meal down, then ate half of mine. He refuses to let me go back to using standard Italian dressing on pasta. It must be this, all the time.

Overall Rating: 10 out of 10

This Raspberry Vinaigrette is sweet and mildly tangy. It’s absolutely delicious. I’ve used it multiple times for dinner over the past month or so, and I think I have enough for one more dinner before the bottle is empty. I will be sad to see it go… I highly recommend this product!

Currently you can buy Saucy Mama products online at, and you can visit Saucy Mama Cafe for recipe ideas and so much more!

Contest Winners!

7 Jul

After careful consideration Sam and I reviewed the entries for the Candwich Contest, and the winners have been decided!

The winning comments are:


i would eat it in a boat, with a goat, in a moat!
we both love jelly in our belly’s!
i would also eat canwich on the go, camping, hiking, or on a road trip! fast easy snacks!



I would not eat my CANDWHICH in the nude
I will not eat my CANDWHICH next to someone rude.
I will only eat my sandwhich from a tube.

I will NOT eat my CANDWHICH from afar
who needs peanut butter from a jar?
I will NOT eat my CANDWHICH in my bed
who needs crumbs from messy bread?
I WILL eat my SANDWHICH in a can
I will because I AM CANDWHICH’s biggest fan

Congratulations to Angella and Victor! Those are some incredibly creative comments. Winners, email Sam or I with your mailing address, so we can send you your prizes!

You have 72 hours (from this post) to contact us or we’ll be contacting the runner up for the goodies.

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