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Lazy Chinese Pan-Fried Dumplings (a.k.a. pot stickers)

18 Sep

We have been looking forward to making Chinese Pan-Fried Dumplings. Samantha and her husbands’ guilty pleasure, pan-fried dumplings, but to be honest both of us were intimidated.

When the wonderful Migliore Gourmet sent us an exciting package. Enclosed were some great products, but two that immediately inspired us.

The two products that caught our eye were Migliore Kettle Roasted Garlic Oil, and Migliore Tres Citrus Balsamic Vinegar . There are thousands of possibilities, but we both felt that the time had come.

We both sat down and began searching for a recipe that was simple, and easy to follow. What felt like hundreds of recipes later, we thought to look at and found this video. We knew that we weren’t going to follow the recipe to a T, but this video filled us with much needed assurance.

Pot Stickers

The following is the recipe including all of the substitutions and additions that we made: Continue reading


Peanut Butter and Banana Stuffed French Toast

9 Sep

The first time Briana ever tried French Toast her dad made it for her. At first she thought it was weird but then came to learn it’s actually very scrumptious . Now older Briana thought Edible Reminiscence would do a spin on basic french toast. Briana found Food Network Bobby Flay’s Peanut Butter and Banana Stuffed French Toast.

Briana couldn’t wait while Samantha was less than excited wondering if she could deal with this extremely rich sweet French Toast. With both of them in the kitchen reading the recipe instructions they both found them quite intimidating and time consuming. One thing to note it does help to have two people in the kitchen one prepping, the other dipping and cooking. Once we got the flow of things it was easy breezy.

Overall this recipe is rich and delicious, but not something we see ourselves cooking all the time. We nixed the maple syrup only because it seemed like it was going to be overkill of sweetness.

French Toast
Peanut Butter and Banana Stuffed French Toast Recipe Continue reading

Folders Black Silk “Ediccino”

5 Sep

Black Silk

We first heard of this folgers blend from Samantha’s office. She had been asking her bosses for permission to bring a coffee maker in and one day they surprised her with not only a coffee machine, but a large container of Folgers Black Silk. Thinking that this was just any ordinary coffee she brewed herself a 4cup serving to last her the day. Fourty-five minutes, and sixteen ounces later she was stuck behind her desk with a full body twitch. At that point she realized that this was what seemed to be one of the few and inexpensive gift from the java gods.

After discussing it with Briana they decided that this would be a great product to review on ER, they set out to purchase their very own container. “What do you mean it’s not at any of the stores we’ve searched? “. Devastation did not even begin to surmise our emotions at the realization that we may not be able to locate the heavenly product.

And so we accepted defeat and Samantha felt as though she had been given that rare taste of the gods ambrosia, and pitied all other mortals who had not been so privileged. She began to spread word of her amazing experience, and her absolute regret, to all who would listen.

After her aunt and uncle returned from a trip to New Braunfels, she was surprised by not one but two large containers of Folgers Black Silk. All at once she began to salivate and in the far off distance began to hear the Hallelujah Chorus.

… now off to the review! Continue reading

Saucy Mama’s Lime Chipotle Marinade

1 Sep

The following recipe showcases Saucy Mama’s® Lime Chipotle Marinade.

Saucy Mama not only sent us samples but gave us the freedom to use them as we pleased. Samantha and Briana were excited about the possibilities but decided to try the following recipe below.

Now to be honest, we have never had much luck with chipotle anything! Why? Well first off, the smokiness of the chipotle pepper always seems to over-power any accompanying flavor. Be it dressings, marinades, or salsa’s we have the exact same encounter, but Saucy Mama did not disappoint. In this small glass bottle lies the perfect balance of citrus and smokey flavors! We highly recommend you go check out their website and try this recipe. Let us know what you think.

Saucy Mama's Lime Chipotle Marinade

Peach Vegetable Pasta and Lime Chipotle Chicken Recipe Continue reading

Nielsen-Massey Vanilla Specialists

1 Sep

Nielsen-Massey Vanilla Specialists were kind enough to send us samples of their extracts and included a recommended brownie recipe to go with it.

From the website:

Pure Chocolate Extract

Pure Chocolate Extract
Pure Chocolate Extract offers a rich and smooth chocolate flavor, without sweetness. It pairs well with other favorites such as vanilla, almonds, cinnamon, coffee, nuts, raspberries, maple, mint, coconut, cream cherries and bananas. Add a whisper of chocolate to a wide variety of foods – from cakes, cookies and icings, to coffee, custards and puddings.

Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla

Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla
The world’s finest and most consistent vanilla comes from Madagascar. Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla from Nielsen-Massey has a creamy, sweet, velvety flavor that is perfectly suited for a range of products from baked goods to ice creams, salad dressings to barbeque sauces. Madagascar Bourbon vanilla does not have anything to do with the American whiskey of the same name, but is rather named for the Bourbon Islands off the coast of Africa. Madagascar supplies more than 60% of the world’s vanilla.

After reading the summary’s off of the actual Nielsen-Massey’s website, we were excited. On the day we received the package we were overcome by the endless possibilities that were before us. Had the wonderful members of the Nielsen-Massey company not thought to include a recipe for us to try we would have been left to ponder for all eternity.

The second the seal from the container was broken on the Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla we were overwhelmed by the amazing aroma of what seemed to be liquid heaven. After years of being subjugated to grocery store extracts, our eyes had finally been opened to the many wonders of the culinary world. The consistency, the color, and above all the aroma are not only intoxicating, but out of this universe.

Samantha is not a chocolate person at all but Briana on the other hand is a chocoholic! The first feature on the chocolate extract is the heavenly scent and rich chocolate aroma. Briana was blown away by the quality of such an extract. No matter if your a fan of chocolate or vanilla your going to have a whole new appreciation for extracts. Visions of chocolaty goodness and endless possibilities popped in her head. Samantha pulled Briana back to reality to focus on the task at hand which was baking Not So Blonde Brownies.

This brownie recipe was easy to follow. The recommended bake time was for 30-35 minutes. But it only took us 30 minutes and it came out just right. We decided not to add the nuts because that was optional. But we may be trying that out next time.

Beware these brownies aren’t going to last long. They are delicious without being overly sweet. They go great with a glass of milk or a cup of coffee.

Not So Blond Brownie

Not So Blonde Brownie Recipie Continue reading

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