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About Edible Reminiscence

3 Aug

Edible Reminiscence

Where to start?

In early 2010 Samantha decided that she wanted to begin her own blog, but after years of following various blogs she decided that it was time for someone to start a blog that not only followed the trends but also gave followers a view into their past. Why, because a person is only a product of all that has happened, and that which will come to pass in the future.

Once she had simmered the notion and all possibilities she went straight to the drawing board.

So first things first, what would she call the blog?
– After a week of constant thought Samantha decided that enough was enough and she along with her husband drove around the town that she had been raised in . Passing the coffee shop that she had previously been employed it dawned on her that she wanted to address the fact that they past would play a key role in what was going to be stated in the blog itself; so it would be full of reminiscence and of course deal primarily with food so in one way shape or form it would have to be slightly edible. And so Edible Reminiscence came to be.

After the name it was all smooth sailing.

What age group would she target?
– To be honest there is not one age group that we would like to favor over the other. From the families to the singles, from the teens to the tweens.

What type of food would she be cooking and reviewing?
– Anything and everything! She does not want to narrow her views to one type of food, or one type of cooking.

– Call us,Text us, or Email us anytime day or night. If we do not answer, leave us a message and we will get back to you A.S.A.P.

Be on the look out for more posts coming September 1

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