Organic Smoked Oyster Mushroom Chowder Recipe & Review

20 Nov

I am going to be honest, I DO NOT like chowders. So, when I received the package from FungusAmongUs I was ecstatic. Then, as I was going through the contests and saw this soup my stomach dropped to the ground. I looked over the ingredients and came up with this.  <!–more–>

Onion Chowder Cups

You will need:

1 Package Organic Smoked Oyster Mushroom

1 pint Heavy Cream

2 cups water

1 package of biscuits

1/2 an onion

1 muffin pan

1 Sauce pan

1 small saute pan

Mediterranean Mushroom Melange- to your taste

1 tbsp Olive Oil

1 spoon


Pour 1 pkg. Smoked Oyster Chowder, 1 pint heavy cream, and 2 cups of water into your sauce pan;  simmer on medium.


Open your package of biscuits, take your greased muffin pan and press the dough in the mold to form a “cup”.

One you have finished  bake the biscuit for half of the cooking time listed on the directions.


Take your saute pan and add the tablespoon of olive oil, onions, and Mediterranean Melange to taste and saute.

Take the muffin pan out and using your spoon flatten the biscuit so that if can be filled.


Add a few onions to each cup.


Then pour a few spoon fulls of your Oyster mushroom chowder on top.


Once all of the cups have been filled place the pan back in the oven for the remainder of the time that biscuit package advises.

Once done let sit for a few minutes and serve!



I have a confession to make… I think I may like chowder after all. I am so glad that I gave this a try, the flavor, and texture are both amazing! My Husband and father had a blast eating the little “cups”. Again this meal took less than 45 mins. So far these soups seem to be great and some thing good to have on hand for a quick, substantial meal.



Only one more review to go then Giveaway!



Price: Very Budget friendly     5 stars

*This wonderful soup is not twenty, fifteen, or even ten dollars. Worthy every penny and more. 17.97 for a pack of four.


Packaging: Very creative       5 stars

*Not too busy, or plain.


Availability:   Online            4.5 Stars


Overall:       4.5 Stars

* This will now be my Chowder of choice.


One Response to “Organic Smoked Oyster Mushroom Chowder Recipe & Review”

  1. matt December 2, 2010 at 12:20 am #

    makes me want to drink alchoholic beverages

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