Nuclear Energy Powder

21 Oct

HARCOs laboratories developed energy powder sticks. These powder sticks resemble pixi stix but only these are caffeinated. Flavors range from Plutonium Pear, Uranium Yellowcake, Barium Black Cherry, Strontium Strawberry, and Radium Raspberry Lemonade. Nuclear Energy Powder will keep you alert at work, at school, or in your fall out shelter. Just kidding about that last one….but you never know. 90mg of caffeine is packed into each energy stick.

We haven’t really seen anything quite like this before and thought the packaging was pretty neat. This was definitely an interesting product to review. But just as expected these little suckers do pack a punch or energy and some are extremely sour, while others are more pleasant.

HARCOs sent Edible Reminiscence samples of there products. So far we have reviewed Zombie Blood Pak, Vampire Blood Pak, Mana and Health Potions. This will be the last thing we will be reviewing from them. Overall this company does have some interesting products. All of which are caffeinated. We do have to admit some of them weren’t exactly are favorite. But nonetheless fun to try. We are sure some of you will find them interesting to try out. Now lets start the review for an in depth review of each of the five flavors that were sent to us to review.

Nuclear Energy Powder

All five flavors of Nuclear Energy Powder are available for $10.00. If you would like to try everything that has been reviewed by us you can buy the HARCOs Labs Enegry Pack for $30.00. In that pack you get the Nuclear Energy Powder, Zombie and Vampire Blood Pak and two mana and health potions.

The Nuclear Energy Powder site can be found here:
The HARCOs store can be found here:

Plutonium Pear
Taste:4 and half stars
Plutonium Pear tastes more like green apple. Although after awhile you can start to pick up the pear flavor. This one is slightly on the sour side.

Barium Black Cherry
Taste:4 stars
Barium Black Cherry tastes just like just any other cherry candy. Nothing really different about this one. This one isn’t really sour. It’s true to the taste.

Strontium Strawberry
Taste:5 stars
Strontium Strawberry tastes like a slightly sour strawberry. This one kind of reminds us of lik-m-aid powder or kool-aid. Not any sourer than that.

Radium Raspberry Lemonade
Taste:5 stars
Radium Raspberry Lemonade is the most sour of them all. It stays true to it’s flavoring. For sure we picked up on the raspberry and lemonade flavoring. This one is also more prone to stain your tongue.

Uranium Yellow Cake
Taste:3 stars
Uranium Yellow Cake is the most mild as far as the sour level goes. We picked up more of a vanilla flavor. This one actually has a bit of a aftertaste that isn’t very pleasant.

Packaging:5 stars
We both thought the packaging was pretty clever and how they came up with different names for each flavor. The powder itself has a glittery look to it which also goes along with the theme. Ingredients and website are also on the packaging.

Preferred Flavors:
Our favorite ones were the Strontum Strawberry and the Radium Raspberry Lemonade

Overall:4 half stars
Taking shots of these powders will give an energy boost and even more so if you consume the whole test tube. Which we don’t recommend but these don’t seem as strong as the other products that we have reviewed.

The Nuclear Energy Powder site can be found here:
The HARCOs store can be found here:


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