Lang’s Chocolate Cocoa Mix

20 Oct

Lang’s Chocolate is a company that is based in Pennsylvania. They gave Edible Reminiscence the chance to review one of there summer treats Cocoa Drink Mix. Although it’s no longer summer everyone will agree that Texas is known for there unrelenting heat. Cooler weather is just around the corner and although this drink is recommended to be consumed during hot weather we will show you 3 different ways to drink this mix.

Before we go into that lets talk about what kind of chocolate this is. This mix is European chocolate in other words this is a bittersweet chocolate. Typically Americans opt for semisweet chocolate which has more sugar than bittersweet chocolate. Sometimes some chocolates have a combination of the two. This drink mix is more on the bittersweet side. However this can be easily remedied with some sweetener. But we do recommend you give it a try as is before you jump to reaching for the sweetener.

drink mix

This 12oz Cocoa Drink typically goes for $12.50. The drink comes in a mason jar mug that can become a drinking glass. It is also certified Kosher-Dairy.

Packaging:5 stars
We both like that this cocoa mix comes in a drinking jar that can be used when it’s empty. The labels are simple and to the point. The front logo has Lang’s Chocolate logo that is bold and also includes where the website is located. The back label informs you what is inside and nutritional facts. The recipe that is suggested with this mix is also included.

Amount of product:5 stars
All the recipes and just about anything your going to make with this products are just going to be tablespoon amounts. This product is going to last a while. The options of how you can include to cocoa is endless. You can even branch out of drinks and perhaps even use this for baking. But for this reviews sake we are sticking with drinks for now.

Site: Lang’s Chocolate or Direct link to Cocoa Mix


cold drink

Cold Cocoa
The first way that we prepared this drink is ice cold. This is what is recommended to try.

What you need
1 cup of ice
3 tablespoons cocoa mix
6-8 ounces of milk

Blend until ice is crushed. Pour into your cup and enjoy.

Taste:5 stars
This drink is a nice combination of milk, ice, and chocolate. Although just drinking it as they recommend it’s a little bitter sweet.


Cold Coco with a twist
This is a second way you can prepare this drink cold. This wasn’t recommended but it’s another option.

What you need
I cup of ice
3 tablespoons cocoa mix
6-8 ounces of milk
Kalhua for taste

Follow the directions as before but just add kalhua to your preferred taste.

Taste:4 stars
Bittersweet:Adding kalhua adds a little bit more taste without making the chocolate any sweeter. There is something about adding coffee flavor to chocolate that just makes it stand out that much more.
Sweet: If you prefer chocolate sweeter just add sweetener to taste.


hot drink

Hot Cocoa
This is what we preferred good old fashion hot cocoa. This is the third option we found and liked over all.

What you need
3 heapfuls of cocoa
3 heapfuls equal of sugar
1 to 2 cups of milk
Whipped Cream
Imitation rum (optional)

Heat milk over stove and add cocoa and sugar. Add Imitation rum if you want. Stir until everything is mixed and remove from stove. Pour into mug. Enjoy as is or add whipped cream as a topper.

Taste:5 stars
This overall is what we preferred. Nice rich chocolate taste. This drink is sweet without being overly sweet. The imitation rum is optional but it gives it that warm rich taste that is expected.

Overall:4 half stars
All three ways are just options on how you can use this drink cocoa mix. We both liked that the bitter sweet chocolate gave us the option to play around with how sweet or bitter we can have our chocolate.

Site:Lang’s Chocolate or Direct link to Cocoa Mix

Side Note:
Lang’s Chocolate has started working with amazon a bit more and have cocoa in a tin. They offer free shipping if you buy certain products and spend over $25. The cocoa tin qualifies as one of these products but is only $18.42 Check it out here


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