Edible Wild Hibiscus Flowers

19 Oct

Thinkgeek.com sent Edible Reminiscence some treats to try. One of them included Edible Wild Hibiscus Flowers. Both of us were particularly excited about giving this wacky edible a try. This package of 11 flowers also includes a cocktail guide. The one that we tried included champagne. We decided to make some minor changes only to make it a little more of our own.

Edible Wild Hibiscus Flowers go for $9.99 at ThinkGeek.com. These beautiful and tasty edible hibiscus flowers will certainly wow your dinner guests when you include them at your next party. It’s insane to believe that these flowers are 100% natural. The ingredients are hibiscus flowers, cane sugar, water – that’s it!

Flavor:5 stars
If you like raspberry pomegranate flavors you should give this a try.

Price: $9.99
Just for the experience alone this is worth it. You don’t have to just have it in a drink there are many other ways that you can incorporate them. This certainly has a wow factor.


What you need?
Blush champagne (We used Andre)
Edible Wild Hibiscus Flower and syrup

This drink is relatively simple to make. Just drop in one flower and add some of the syrup that is included in the bottle. Now just add champagne and this drink it all ready to drink.

What makes this drink stand out from all the others is that it bubbles from the flower and the flower sways with the bubbles. The syrup gathers at the bottom and really makes this drink look incredibly fancy and all this is all done without spending an insane about of money. We understand that you can buy other higher quality champagne. But it’s nice to know that this is all left up to what you want to do.

The blush champagne really does compliment the flower and syrup that was added. One key note is that this drink didn’t nearly taste as delicious without the flower and added flavor of the syrup.

The real treat is towards the end of the drink when you get to eat the flower and drink up the syrup that gathered at the bottom. This flower has a raspberry pomegranate taste.

Overall:5 stars
This was pretty impressive and it’s interesting that there are so many ways that you can incorporate this product.


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