Bacon Pop

12 Oct

Wishing everything had a bacon flavor? J&D Bacon Salt wished that too and set out to create products that are all bacon flavored because after all everything should taste like bacon. They sent us samples of there products and we chose to review Bacon Pop first. Bacon Pop is popcorn that has a taste that reminds you of bacon. If what you are expecting is an overpowering bacon flavor this product isn’t for you.

bacon pop

Now for the review:
Packing:4 and half stars
The packaging is simple and to the point. It reminded us of classic movie popcorn with the stripes and very playful at the same time with the cartoon bacon. Instructions are on the package even though it’s pretty self explanatory how to pop popcorn in a microwave.

Smell:3 stars
When the popcorn is popping it’s not the most pleasant smell. It kind of smelled like burnt plastic, But that faded after a while and the bacon smell started. After it was done and ready to open the bacon smell hits you. Again it’s more of a hint of bacon smell and not overpowering like we were expecting.

Taste:5 stars
The taste itself is more of the salty bacon taste. We both are fans of salty food, it was a little greasy not anymore than say buttery movie popcorn. Both Samantha and I were surprised by the taste. At first we were expecting that it was going to have an overpowering bacon flavor and we were either going to hate it or love it. Keep in mind it’s better to shake the bag before you serve it or eat out the bag so that the flavor is guaranteed to be evenly mixed in.

Price:4 and a half stars
$3.99 for 1 box with 3 bags. The price is well worth the experience. We are sure once you try it you’ll be hooked.

Availability: 3 stars
We have only seen this product online in multiple stores. We have yet to find a store locally that carries any of the bacon products. If we do happen to find them locally then we would consider buying some bacon salt products. After all everything should taste like bacon.

Overall:5 stars
This product met both of our expectations and even exceeded them. Both of us our fans of just about anything bacon flavored. So when we found this company it was like it was made for us.

Site:Bacon Salt Site


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