Folders Black Silk “Ediccino”

5 Sep

Black Silk

We first heard of this folgers blend from Samantha’s office. She had been asking her bosses for permission to bring a coffee maker in and one day they surprised her with not only a coffee machine, but a large container of Folgers Black Silk. Thinking that this was just any ordinary coffee she brewed herself a 4cup serving to last her the day. Fourty-five minutes, and sixteen ounces later she was stuck behind her desk with a full body twitch. At that point she realized that this was what seemed to be one of the few and inexpensive gift from the java gods.

After discussing it with Briana they decided that this would be a great product to review on ER, they set out to purchase their very own container. “What do you mean it’s not at any of the stores we’ve searched? “. Devastation did not even begin to surmise our emotions at the realization that we may not be able to locate the heavenly product.

And so we accepted defeat and Samantha felt as though she had been given that rare taste of the gods ambrosia, and pitied all other mortals who had not been so privileged. She began to spread word of her amazing experience, and her absolute regret, to all who would listen.

After her aunt and uncle returned from a trip to New Braunfels, she was surprised by not one but two large containers of Folgers Black Silk. All at once she began to salivate and in the far off distance began to hear the Hallelujah Chorus.

… now off to the review!

Keeping that Briana had yet to try this product we made sure to try in various ways.

1. We tried the coffee in its purest form, BLACK, and we can assure you that it lived up to it’s name and more. As most coffees it did have a very robust flavor, so bitter in fact, that it was a tad bit overwhelming.

2. We then tried it with sugar and, unflavored, creamer. Huge difference, the creamer seemed to allow us to really concentrate on the flavor, and enjoy the experience.

3. And lastly, we decided to have a little fun with it and make what we call An “Ediccino”.

Cold Black Silk

You will need:
¾ cup milk
8 oz. Folger’s Black Silk Coffee
½ cup flavoring
½ cup Splenda
2 ½ cups ice
Whipped cream (optional)
Coco Powder (optional)
Multi-speed blender

Take blender and pour the ice in first. Then add all other ingredients and blend on high until all of the ingredients have been evenly blended. Serve then top with whipped and a pinch of coco powder if desired.

After the product sampling, we have decided on the following:

Packaging: 4 and half stars
Great durable container, wish there would have been a tad bit more detail on the label.

Amount of product included:5 stars
A whole lot!

Price: 5 stars
Very Budget friendly

Availability:2 and half stars
Considering the fact that we could not find the product anywhere local and it had to be purchased cross-state.

Taste: 4 stars
Great but may be too strong for some.

Would you try this again:5 stars
In a heartbeat!

Is it unique?:5 stars
For a common household brand it really is.

Overall:5 stars
We would recommend this to avid coffee drinkers that can appreciate a stronger roast.


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