Saucy Mama’s Lime Chipotle Marinade

1 Sep

The following recipe showcases Saucy Mama’s® Lime Chipotle Marinade.

Saucy Mama not only sent us samples but gave us the freedom to use them as we pleased. Samantha and Briana were excited about the possibilities but decided to try the following recipe below.

Now to be honest, we have never had much luck with chipotle anything! Why? Well first off, the smokiness of the chipotle pepper always seems to over-power any accompanying flavor. Be it dressings, marinades, or salsa’s we have the exact same encounter, but Saucy Mama did not disappoint. In this small glass bottle lies the perfect balance of citrus and smokey flavors! We highly recommend you go check out their website and try this recipe. Let us know what you think.

Saucy Mama's Lime Chipotle Marinade

Peach Vegetable Pasta and Lime Chipotle Chicken Recipe

1 16oz. Package of whole wheat Spaghetti or Linguine
1 Medium pkg. of mixed vegetables your choice
(I used carrots, sugar snap peas, black beans and edamame)
1 Medium peach
5oz. Saucy Mama Lime Chipotle marinade
3lbs Boneless, skinless chicken thighs
1 clove garlic (minced)
2 tsp. Olive oil

1.Take the chicken thighs, be sure they’re defrosted, and put them in a gallon size zip-lock bag and then pour the Saucy Mama’s Lime Chipotle Marinade. Be sure all of the chicken is covered. Then set in fridge.

2.Cook  the pasta according to the directions listed on package.

3. Take a sauté pan and warm, once warm coat evenly with 1 tsp. olive oil then add the minced garlic.

4.Empty contents of mixed vegetables into the pan.

5.Slice the peach into thin portions and add to the sauté pan. Let sit for a few minuites. Stirring occasionaly.

6.Once the pasta has been drained, turn pan to low heat and add small portions to the pan.

7.In another sauté pan take the chicken from the fridge and spread evenly in the pan and cook for 9-12 mins. on each side(depending on size)

8.Serve pasta on plate and top with chicken.

Overall rating : 5 stars

Visit this website to find Saucy Mama!
Barhyte Specialty Foods


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